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Jinminghui Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and is the leading China producer of continuous cast bronze bars. We are now also offering our complete range of brass, bronze and copper alloys in precision machined or milled parts, in full accordance with your drawings. Jinminghui Metals creates custom precision bearings and bushings, flanges, washers, double flange bearings, full half bearings, spacers and special machined parts that can be shipped on a global basis and in full accordance with most international standards. We produce machined parts for the following industries; oil and gas, aerospace, mining and construction, agricultural, transportation and railways, telecom, automotive, medical, and fluid controls.

Jinminghui Metals is fully committed in on-going investments for our manufacturing facilities, production equipment, testing equipment, including various CNC's. We also have outstanding management and operators of the highest order working together as a unified team, producing excellent quality machined parts.

Services and Specialties

We can machine all brass, bronze and copper alloys to meet your most demanding requirements.

Precision CNC Turning, Boring and Milling

Prototype to Full Production Runs

Turning Capabilities : 1" — 24" Diameters

Milling Capabilities : 22" x 48"

Typical Tolerances that we can hold: +/- 0.0005"

From Casting to Finished Machined Product & Blanks